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Japanese green tea

Our Japanese green tea shop sells green tea that has been grown in Shizuoka, the home of Japanese Green Tea in Japan. No other drink has the proven health benefits of green tea. Mount Fuji tea bags allow the tea to move around while brewing in a special filter bag. Our loose green tea is perfect to prepare with friends. Our Matcha (Green tea powder) is great for cooking. Mount Fuji tea is produced on our own farms.

The Story of

Our Tea

Japanese green tea cultivation in Shizuoka dates back to the late 19th century. Green tea is is mainly grown on plateaus and sloping fields. Green tea contains natural ingredients that are good for your health. Mount Fuji’s Green Tea range is produced locally in the Shimizu Distric of Shizuoka.

Discover some incredible teas

from Shizuoka, Japan

Mount Fuji Super Premium Sencha Teabags

Highest quality Premium Green Tea teabag from Mount Fuji, next best sencha to loose green tea. Enjoy the best Sencha green tea Tea Bag ever!


Mount Fuji Genmai Tea – Red Mountain

Unique to Mount Fuji, a blend of Green Tea, puffed rice, and a dash of Matcha. The big difference is the added Matcha, this is again a special treat from our tea farm


Everyday Sencha Premium Teabags

A great way to have a handy cup of Sencha Green Tea, just drop the sacket in your cup and away you go! Quality Green Tea Sencha from Shimizu, the home of Mount Fuji.


Super Premium Sencha Loose Tea

Premium Sencha loose green tea. Quality green tea sencha from Shimizu, the home of Mount Fuji. Packed in a re-sealable packet.


We Believe

Health Is Important

Numerous research studies have found links between consuming the micro-nutrients in green tea and lowering the risk of high blood pressure, inflammation, heart disease, and cancer.

Mount Fuji tea is 100% green tea (Sencha) and is not blended, unlike many teas that you see on sale at supermarkets. You can order online, from our 2 restaurants, or by phone. You can talk to a member of our sales team in Japanese or English: 01743 741169

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Mount Fuji restaurants


At the Mount Fuji Japanese Bento Restaurants in Cardiff & Birmingham, we offer exquisite Japanese food. The best Japanese food that you can find outside of Japan; Tokyo style!